Amazon Prime Day 2018: Exclusive Members Only Deals

Didn’t get everything your heart desired during the 4th of July sales? Don’t fret! Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner–and, if you’re like me you’re equally as excited that there’s been enough time since then for another payday to roll around.

amazon prime day 2018

Prime Day, an online flash sale exclusively for Amazon Prime members, is one of this summer’s premier shopping events. Last year’s Prime Day 2017 was the biggest day ever for Amazon. Hot items included the popular Fire TV Stick, toys, TVs, laptops, and Kindle E-Readers. So, take advantage of sales on just about anything that piques your interest. Deals will include everything from home, electronics, entertainment, beauty, and fashion items! Members will even have the opportunity to shop new and exclusive release products.

If you’re not already an Amazon Prime member, now is the perfect time to join. See details here about getting your free 30 day trial membership started. Yes, you heard right–FREE!  Also, be sure to download the app if you’re going to be shopping through your mobile device.

amazon prime day

You can start watching daily release deals here starting this week. Amazon Prime Day deals will actually begin on July 16th at 3 PM Eastern and will continue to run through July 17th. That’s a whole day and a half to live your best life and shop to your heart’s desire!

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be on the lookout for some new beauty products. You can never have enough makeup and skincare items. Here are a few that are set for exclusive release during Amazon Prime Day.

prime day launches

Tarte Prime Pretties Color Collection

prime day launches

Peripera Ink the Velvet Lip Set Multicolored

prime day launches

COSRX Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream

prime day launches

No B.S. Charcoal Peel Off Mask

As previously stated, there will be something for everyone! What are you hoping to snag this Prime Day? Leave me a comment below and let me know! Don’t have anything on your wish-list to buy? Well, check out these other offerings from Amazon below.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited 3-Month Trial for $0.99

Prime Pantry:  $10 off orders $40+ with Free Trial

Amazon Music Unlimited 4-month Trial for $0.99

Drop me a comment below letting me what you were able to snag this Amazon Prime Day!

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Makeup Routines, Let’s Summer-ize

Summer has just arrived for many of you, but I’ve been following these routines for months now here in Texas. The weather here can be very hit or miss, but usually it’s scorching hot and muggy outside. This can cause major makeup meltdowns if you aren’t applying your makeup correctly. Let’s visit some of my go to makeup techniques to prevent your face from being a  melted mess.

In today’s blog, I’ll be sharing my Summer makeup routine secrets with you guys.

Start with a clean, dry face

I have naturally oily skin. I will typically wash with a mild face soap, enough so that when I do my final wash there isn’t any oil coming off in the sink. I’ll then prep my skin for makeup by applying a clay mask. My go to right now is the Freeman Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Mask. This mask retails online for about $3.22 at online retailers. Click the link above for more info. A clay mask is a fantastic why to draw oil away from the skin and refine pore size.

Invest in a good primer

After that’s done, I prime my face with Elf Poreless Primer. Elf has several types of primers that have various purposes. Some primers are created to leave a dewy finish, while others are created to have a more matte finish. So, choose accordingly! Sometimes I may even use Milk of Magnesia to prime my skin with, it just depends on how flawless of a look I’m going for. The Milk of Magnesia will create for an oil free, ultra matte finish. I do not recommend using this repetitively because it may break out skin with prolonged use. MoM is for once in a blue moon occasions like a wedding, photoshoot or court side seats at the Rockets game. A good primer will do the face good. Thank the Lord for artificial means of pore minimization.

Conceal any blemishes

Next, I’ll go in with my LA Girl Concealer to ensure maximal blemish coverage underneath my foundation. You can purchase these online or at your local beauty supply shop. I swear by this brand because of the outstanding color range and the affordability. I use the orange LA Girl Concealer to cancel out and hide any dark spots or old scarring that I may have. Remember to allow time for it to oxidize onto your skin for best results.

Top with an SPF foundation

Next, let’s top this off with an SPF built in foundation. I use a combination of the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation with SPF 18 (My color: Coconut) and the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h Wear and Comfort Foundation with SPF 15. Both of these come together to deliver a clean, flawless finish sure to have people asking for your skincare routine.

Set the look with a loose powder

Once that’s done, I set my makeup with my Sephora Bright Set Loose Finishing Powder. This step, also called baking, is one of the most vital. I think this part of the process is where I find the most joy. Setting your make up properly will drastically increase your wear time in this Texas heat. Check out my latest Youtube video to see exactly how I bake and set in preparation for a hot summer day. Baking is great for reducing shine and residual oil that may start to seep through your foundation. Beware, if you apply too much of the Sephora Bright Set, you will experience flashback in your photos. Like they always say, moderation is key.

Hey loves!!If you enjoyed this blog, be sure to check out my latest Youtube video where I demonstrate use of all of the mentioned products.

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Rihanna Launches Savage x Fenty Lingerie Line

Is it me, or is Rihanna just the queen of finessing a  reveal? First, it was Fenty Beauty. Now, Rihanna is dropping her new lingerie line: Savage x Fenty


Stay scanned in…#SAVAGEXFENTY drops May.11.2018!

A post shared by SAVAGE X FENTY BY RIHANNA (@savagexfenty) on


The new line has already amassed 619k on it’s new Instagram. Rihanna also invited fans to join the mailing list for the new product line, via website:! Just as we saw in the Fenty Beauty line, Rihanna introduces the line with small hints here and there leading up to a final release. Repeat after me, Rihanna is queen of the well orchestrated tease. Fans are in a frenzy with talk of the worldwide launch. Can you blame them? Every concept touched by Rihanna has been nothing but mesmerizing.



Here’s what you need to know:

The Feny Beauty line drops on May 11th. That’s tomorrow! A recent expose, by Vogue magazine, states,

RiRi has christened her core collection On the Reg, and it will include bras available in every shade of nude alongside T-shirt bras, undies, and more everyday essential items. The U Cute collection is a riff on modern girlishness with many of the lacy pieces seen on the Savage x Fenty Instagram, while the Damn line has a decidedly sexier edge, featuring rompers, garter belt sets, and bodysuits. For the ultimate bad gal, there’s the Black Widow collection, which the brand describes as “risqué and ultra sexy.”

Umm, did I hear nudes! I’m so with this whole inclusive movement. That, and nude lingerie is just so innocent and sexy. She did it with the 40 shades of Fenty Beauty foundation and she’s doing it again with this line. There are a total 90 pieces of lingerie sure to please on all skin tones, cup sizes, and a wide range of body types. Bras will go from size 32A to 44D. Let the church say Amen!!



Okay, yall… I’m scrolling  the IG page right now. Get excited! Ri is not playing games. I see models of all nationalities. Big boobs, small boobs… Bright and subtle hues… The line can only be destined for greatness.

And get this, Rihanna created the line to be accessible to all and affordable. The designer bras will range in price from $39 to $59, with thet-shirt bras clocking in at a little less… Okurrr!! That means that us normal folk can splurge a little and still get alot. I also hear that there will be a membership program for loyal customers to receive early access to new launches and limited edition creations.



Who’s ready to shop? I know that I am! Rihanna is definitely disrupting several industries right now, in such a good way.


Rihanna Savage Fenty Fenty Beauty

Photo: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images


Fenty does it  again.




Spring has sprung, but is your body bikini ready? If not, check out these easy recommendations on how to get that “slim thick” fit look just in time for Summer.


get slim thick quick



Studies show that it takes roughly 66 days for a new behavior to turn into a habit. If you’re reading this, then you still have time to get summer time fine before bikini season. Create a fitness plan and stick to it. If you need accountability, join a Facebook fitness support group or plan to work out with a friend. If you need inspiration, scroll through Instagram’s latest trending fitness hashtags: #slimthick #fitnessfreaks #fitnessgoals #summertimefine. Ultimately, if you don’t have a plan then you are planning to fail. Consistency is truly key!


slimthick fitness routine


This leads us right into our next tip. 80% of success is showing up. So, plan to show up daily if you really want to see results. No, you don’t have to go to the gym every day! You can easily find things to do in your home or even at your place of work during your lunch break. I keep two 15 pound dumb bells in my office for days that I know will be too hectic to get to the gym. Check out Youtube if you don’t know what workouts to do for the areas that you are targeting. Vynessa Alease is one of my favorites when it comes to fitness vloggers. Try to shoot for at least 45 to 60 minutes of daily physical activity. A little effort each day will have a considerable pay off in the long run.


slim thick fitness


If you expect to see weight loss, then just know that you’ll need to make the appropriate changes to your eating habits. This means monitoring both what and how much you eat at each meal. The My Fitness Pal is a great app to use if you are trying to stay at a specific caloric intake. The app will tell you how many calories you’ve consumed based of what you’ve eaten for the day. This will help you determine how much you need to work out in order to burn that amount of calories. Don’t forget that seasonings, dressings and beverages will add calories to your total daily intake as well.


diet meal plan



Speaking of beverages… All of the frequent exercising can dehydrate you if you’re not taking in adequate amounts of water. Try to keep a bottle of water within close reach. Yep, this gives you an excuse to purchase a cache of cute tumblers. This will deter you from drinking things that you shouldn’t, like soda. This will help you meet your daily water intake goal. It is recommended that you consume eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day. Yes, it sounds overwhelming—but think about all of the wonderful ways your body will reward you for your efforts. If water isn’t exactly your thing, try brewing up a tea or adding a healthy drink mix, like Crystal Light.


drink water to lose weight



This new lifestyle will have you feeling amazing! If done right, you can begin to remodel your metabolism. A good balance is of the upmost importance.  It is vital that you give your body the necessary time that it needs for proper recovery. This means, making sure you are rotating the muscle groups that you choose to work out each day. In addition, make sure you are getting enough sleep at night. Try to get at least 8 hours with each slumber. Without this rest period, your body can not effectively replenish its energy nor can it repair damaged tissues. Resting is imperative if you want to have a successful fitness regimen and prevent injury.


fitness routine and rest


Drop a comment below, to let me know:

  • What goals you are currently working on…
  • What milestones do you hope to reach by Summer…
  • Your favorite fitness related app…

Until next time guys! Remember, fitness is the new 20s…

Before starting any workout or diet plan, please consult with your physician.

Artis Oval Brush – Opt For The Dupe

Want to do makeup like the pros? Well, here’s your chance! I accidentally stumbled across these while looking for a new set of the traditional makeup brushes. I had no clue what these were and what they were being used for–never have I see them before. I mean, come on, these look so bourgeois! That’s right up my alley. I thought, surely those can’t be for amateur use. This made me want them that much more.


artis makeup brush


So, I went home that night and did what any clueless person eagerly yearning for info does–I went on Youtube! With a few clicks, I found a demo video telling me all about these innovative, chic little  brushes. Immediately, I was hooked! I knew that I was going to have to try these out for myself. I ended up going back to the store and making the purchase.

I found these in my local Burlington Coat Factory store in Webster, TX. I was simply ecstatic that I was getting a set of “Oval Brushes” for myself, at a great price point. I purchased this set of 3 brushes for (wait for it…) a crisp $9 guys! You cannot beat that, especially since the authentic 10 piece Artis set is about $400. That’s a major price difference! $400 is almost a car note for me! Umm, yeah… NOT TODAY… NOT EVER… I tried to find the direct link to the exact product for you guys, but I was unsuccessful. I did however find a very comparable brush set here on Amazon.



These brushes are ergonomically designed for self application of makeup.. Near the head of the brush, you’ll notice that the stems on these brushes have a little give to them. This is done to reduce the amount of pressure that it being applied to the face. The black finish adds a professional feel to the brush.

The fibers used within them are as soft as polar bear mink (Is that even a thing? lol). The fibers in these brushes are packed very densely. When applying makeup, the product sits on the very top surface of the fibers. There is little to no saturation into the brush. This is great because you end up wasting less of your product. Application is very simple. You are left with a smooth, airbrush finished consistency. How can you not be impressed!



I achieved the look below after only my second time using the brushes. As you can see, a flawless finish was delivered! They are extremely user friendly. I’d recommend these brushes for all skill levels. Be sure to check out my video below if you’d like to see the full tutorial on how I created this look using the oval brushes. I keep it super simple, so don’t be intimidated! SUBSCRIBE if you like my content!