Final Rant

… a case of unrefined whim!

The worst part about a breakup is knowing that you have to go through the emotional roller coaster of getting all of your feelings back on track. It’s like you’re drowning in a soiree of different moods: happiness, sadness, independence, sorrowfulness, hopefulness, hopelessness, loneliness, anger…. Umm, shall I continue? LOL! In the wake of it all, you finally start to see the light and realize that things aren’t so bad after all.


natural hair afro


“I can see clearly now the rain is gone!” This rang so true the first few days after my separation. Hindsight truly is 20/20.


little black dress


It is at this point in time that you start to see the perks of not having anyone there governing a part of your life. You can go out on dates again! Doing your makeup can take 3 hours and no one will have anything to say about it! You can go shopping without having to worry guilt trips from your significant other. There won’t be anyone nagging for you to come to bed at 2 in the morning, while you’re binge watching Orange is the New Black on a week night. You’re now the only reason that you’d miss a girl’s night out.


black entrepreneurs


Anyway, I digress… The whole point of this blog post is that you have to take the bitter with the sweet. Know that there will be ups and downs, breakups and recovering shopping, sorrowful binge eating and extreme bubble booty gym bounce back. Heh!


workout outfit


This breakup has actually treated me pretty well. I’ve learned a lot about myself, that my BFF is truly “bout it, bout it” and what expectations I have for future suitors.


melanin black excellence


It may still be a bit early, but I’m well prepared to jump back on the proverbial horse. I’ve even got the perfect little black dress, from Holly O Boutique, for when that time comes.

This little black dress  (by Holly O Boutique) is sexy, yet still tasteful. I love the lace detailing, as it adds just enough delight and intrigue to have your date on his toes all night.


brown girl black dress


Pair this with a warm, inviting perfume and a cute pair of black stilettos–MAGIC! I promise you that your date won’t know what hit him!


rue 21 endless summer


Seriously, this is a dangerous combo. Try it out, let me know how it goes!

These  pictures do this swanky little dress very little justice. If you want a better view of the detailing, be sure to check out my review and try on video linked below.



Link to Holly O Boutique dress shown:

Want to do makeup like the pros?! Well, here’s your chance! I accidentally stumbled across these while looking for a new set of the typical traditional makeup brushes. I had no clue what these were and what they were being used for! I mean come on, they look so bourgeois! I thought, surely those can’t be for amateur use. Guess what?! This totally made me want them even more!


ovalbrush makeup brush


So, I went home that night and did what any clueless person eagerly yearning for info does–I went on Youtube! With a few clicks, I found a demo video telling me all about these innovative, chic little  brushes. Immediately, I was hooked! I knew that I was going to have to try these out for myself.

I found these in my local Burlington Coat Factory store in Webster, TX. I was simply ecstatic that I was getting a set of “Oval Brushes” for myself, at a great price point. I purchased this set of 3 brushes for (wait for it…) a crisp $9 guys! You cannot beat that, especially since the authentic 10 piece Artis set is about $400. That’s a major price difference! $400 is almost a car note for me! Umm, yeah… NOT TODAY… NOT EVER…


ovalbrush makeup


These brushes are ergonomically designed for self application of makeup. . Near the head of the brush, you’ll notice that the stems on these brushes have a little give to them. This is done to reduce the amount of pressure that it being applied to the face.

The fibers used within them are as soft as polar bear mink (Is that even a thing? lol). The fibers in these brushes are packed very densely. When applying makeup, the product sits on the very top surface of the fibers. There is little to no saturation into the brush. This is great because you end up [wasting] less product. The goal of this application is to have a smooth, airbrush finished consistency.


makeup brushes ovalbrush


I achieved the look below after only my second time using the brushes. As you can see, a flawless finish was delivered! They are extremely user friendly. I’d recommend these brushes for all skill levels.

finalrant lifestyle blogger


Be sure to check out my video below if you’d like to see the full tutorial on how I created this look. I keep it super simple, so don’t be intimidated! SUBSCRIBE if you like my content!


I’d love to hear about your experience with Oval Brushes? Are you using the Artis Brand or a dupe? Let me know! If you have any questions about these brushes, drop them below!

Recently I was chosen to participate in the #GarnierStyle Voxbox Campaign, courtesy of Garnier Fructis and Influenster. I received complimentary products in exchange for my honest feedback on them.


I was sent two products, both shown below:




– Curl Renew Activating Spray (Reactivating Milk Spray)

– Curl Scrunch Controlling Gel (3 Extra Strong Hold)

I was excited to get to try these products out because Garnier Fructis was my go to brand when I had relaxed hair. I hadn’t use the line on my natural hair until just recently. My relaxed hair loved these products.

If you’re curious to see how the products did on my natural hair, go watch my live demo video here on Youtube!


If you’re interested in getting free products like this, go sign up for Influenster right now! They need opinions on everything from hair, to makeup, to snacks!

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Okay, so I know I recently stated in a previous post that I’d never been a huge lipstick whore. Well, I guess that was a small lie. In the past few months, Influenster has sent me several different lipsticks to review. If you’re interested in getting free stuff too, click the link to sign up! I now find myself starting to salivate over the different shades and formulas that I’ve recently added to my lippie cache. You know what they say, “You can’t miss what you’ve never had…”


bite beauty matte lip creme collection

 (Photo courtesy: Bite Beauty)


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been able to dibble and dabble with various brands and to figure out what it is that I really like. And, that’s simply a good matte lipstick. With a matte lip, you can dress yourself up or down. This means that I can wear it to work during the day or on a sexy date night out. It doesn’t look too fancy, like a glossy lipstick would look.


bite beauty matte lip on dark skin


If you’re curious to see how my last review went on the cream lipstick that I reviewed from Bite Beauty, hop over to that post by clicking here: The Amuse Bouche.


Anyway, back to the business… Influenster and Bite Beauty were so generous as to allow me to review another one of their awesome lipstick lines. This time around, I’m testing out The Matte Creme Lip Crayon.  These products were sent complimentary from Influenster. I received 3 different colors: Cava, Red Velvet, and Glace. The complete line includes a whopping list of 19 bold and beautiful shades. Visit Sephora, the exclusive retailer, to see them all! These bad boys retail for $24 each.




 This line’s formula also boasts a list of luxurious food-grade ingredients including rose hip, orange peel wax, castor oil, jojoba and others. All of these ingredients create for an overall moisturizing and conditioning lipstick. This lipstick is also cruelty and gluten free. Kudos to Bite Beauty for keeping it real, literally! LOL




This formula was very similar to the Amuse Bouche formula, which makes sense because it’s from the same brand. Duh! The lipstick works very well to lock in moisture and condition, thanks to the Resveratrol. This product is great during the harsh fall or winter months. The finish is opaque and satin with a slight sheen. Wear time is great, as long as you can keep it from transferring to other things. There’s no feathering and no bleeding with this lipstick. It can be wore comfortably alone.




The formula is marketed as a matte creme lipstick. This means that while the lipstick it very conditioning,  it never “dries” so to say. Because of this, you will still notice a slight shine and almost wet looking finish. I wouldn’t classify this as a real matte lipstick. Also, know that it will transfer if you’re lips accidentally (or purposely… lol) happen to touch something else.




I would possibly repurchase this product, if it was on sale… Maybe?! I mean, it’s not a bad product at all.  I’m just in love with the more dry looking matte lips and this is more of a creamy matte lip.  When I do a matte lip, I don’t want any type of shine. At this price point, I’d rather invest in something that I’m more in love with.

So, I’ve never been a huge lipstick fanatic. I was the one that was always fine with settling for a clear lip gloss or a nude lip balm from Walmart. I figured that my days were just way too ordinary for my lips to be completely glammed out on a day to day basis. I mean, come on… I wear medical scrubs 5 days out the week people.

amuse bouche lipstick


It wasn’t until just recently that I started catching on to the matte lip revolution. Everywhere I’d go and every video that I’d see boasted a model with a matte lip. So, I tried it… and from then on, I was hooked!! No longer was it a big deal to drop $20 on a highly reveled matte lipstick. Now, I have a considerable sized collection of lippies, of course, all of which are very matte lipsticks. LOL!


So, I was super excited when Influenster asked me to test out the new lipstick formula from the Bite Beauty campaign, called Amuse Bouche. Bite actually has an entire line of beauty products, ranging from lip liners, to lip primers, to lip scrubs. I jumped on the opportunity to try out something new and outside of my normal realm of lip adornment.


amuse bouche lipstick influenster


These cute little lippies boast a hydrating, ultra creamy consistency, coupled with a light note of natural citrus.  The lipstick line consists of 34 shades of lusciousness. I received: Pepper, Beetroot, Gazpacho. These lipsticks are sold exclusively by Sephora and retail for $26 each. They are HIGHLY pigmented and remarkably moisturizing. If you aren’t used to very vibrant colors, be forewarned. These lippies are not for the faint of heart. The pigments scream confidence and you’ll surely turn some heads with it on.


The handcrafted, certified gluten-free line utilizes 12 edible oils and combination of triple milled pigments. The citrus flavoring is made from real fresh pressed fruit. The lippies are formulated without any Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates. Yeh, that’s right–petrochemical free ingredients! They said it, not me! Heh! I’m guessing all of those scientific names that I mentioned above are the petrochemicals. The brand proudly declares, “You don’t have to sacrifice performance for a product made from nature”.


amuse bouche lipstick on dark skin



I was ultimately impressed with this change in pace from my normal lip cache. The color went on smooth and opaque, with only one swipe. The finish is very vibrant and moist looking. They definitely achieved the soft, creamy, buttery effect that they were going for. Each of these lasted well throughout my 8 hour workday without the need for reapply.


The formula does move around and transfers very easily. So, it is a must for me, to pair these with a lip liner.  If you’re very fidgety and you are constantly touching your face, be very conscientious. This lipstick will end up all over your face if you’re not careful.


I’ll definitely be purchasing a few more of these lipsticks. I’ve seen several Youtube reviews on the product and I love how the darker shades look. Licorice, Maple, and Black Truffle are all on my radar. Even though fall is done and over with, I can’t kick the darker toned lipsticks just yet.


To see more of my product reviews, look for the hashtag #rantORrave

Any newcomer to Houston knows how daunting this city can be. When I first moved here I was always so overwhelmed. With all of the tollways, highway and sub-cities, it’s no wonder I ended up Google mapping myself everywhere.
After years of living in Houston, I’m finally finding the time and  courage to take in all of what #HTOWN has to offer. Despite having lived in many different areas of Houston, I had never really visited downtown… It was just too intimidating. Limited parking. One way only traffic. The possibility of getting smashed by a Metrorail. Umm, no… I’ll pass!
That was my mentality back then, it only took an eternity to shift my thoughts. Friends, dating and boredom inevitably lured me out of my small town city shell. I love Houston’s night life: the sports life, the bar scene, the great eats! When my friends ask where we’re going, I’m the one that’s usually persuading them to go downtown now. I’m finally getting a taste for the fine and eclectic city life that Houston boasts. And… boy, is it addicting! The more hidden spots you find, the more you want to explore… Like, what else have I been missing out on?!
This past weekend, I got to experience my first local fashion show: African Fashion Week Houston. I had my beloved BFF of all time with me, Cristal! She’s a Houston Youtuber too, check out her YT channel here. It was quite entertaining: the  unique outfits, the handsome men, the playful ambiance, the mini bar. You can imagine how psyched I was to be there and able to capture all of the glory. It was like a small scale, more intimate New York Fashion Week meets #blackexcellence. Y’all know I’m here for that!
African Fashion Week included a week of luxurious events all across downtown Houston. Beautiful venues, all composed around a concurrent theme: Making the Connection. All of the international beauty that was on site was simply mesmerizing.
I got an aesthetic dose of African culture, tradition and art. Do y’all see these colors and patterns. The models rocked the runway! Those hosts were great! The designers did their thing! The crowd was very receptive to it all… Good times!
And, just as I said in my last post, there was plenty to eat, drink, and shop! I was at both the food counter and the mini bar. I promise I only had one cocktail! It was a myriad of events, with something for just about everyone.
It’s safe to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the event, the designers, the model and the other photographers that I met. Throughout the event, I made sure to Tweet, Snap and IG just about every gorgeous piece of fabric that walked across the stage. To see more of my Houston African Fashion Week posts, check out the event hashtag #AFWH2017.
If you want the first look for any of my upcoming events, be sure to follow me on Instagram @final_rant.
African Fashion Week Houston is literally right around the corner. Taking place September 18th – September 24th. With a variety of events going on throughout the week, you’ll be sure to find something that piques your interest.


You won’t want to miss out on the exclusive #AFWH2017 opening reception is to take place at Ogun Art + Wine. The ambiance is cozy and eclectic, sure to delight any African art enthusiast. Sponsors, vendors, fashion contributors as well as a few celebs are planned to be present.
Stop by to try out some of their delectable small plates, some of their lighter cheese and charcuterie selections or simply for dessert. Do all of this while enjoying a glass of wine, beer, or champagne from their menu.
This will be the first live fashion show that I get to see here in Houston, so I’m super excited. There will be tons to eat, drink, see and buy. I’ve already been browsing through the list of vendors like the one shown below, AhoufeDua Textiles (@ahoufeduatextiles on IG). They create beautiful, custom pieces using authentic Ghanaian Fabrics.
Photo Courtesy of AhoufeDua Textiles
Models: @model_shayandry & @model_me_quailee on IG
Events to check out during Houston Fashion Week:
– Beauty & Makeup Workshop
– Textiles, Sewing, Film Panel Discussion
– Wine, Art and Culture
– Silent Party After Party
– Love my Neighbor Community Festival
– Fashion Farmers Tradeshow
– The Ankara 4 Seasons Fashion Show
– FOSE Grand Fashion Show
I’m bringing all of my memory cards for this event, heh!  I’ve already requested several days off of work just so that I can make sure I have ample enough time to enjoy all of what African Fashion Week has to offer. #notagame #datesaved
Check out WWW.AFWHOUSTON.COM to purchase tickets and to see the full schedule of events. If you plan on attending, comment below so we can try and link up!