Final Rant

… a case of unrefined whim!

African Fashion Week Houston is literally right around the corner. Taking place September 18th – September 24th. With a variety of events going on throughout the week, you’ll be sure to find something that piques your interest.


You won’t want to miss out on the exclusive #AFWH2017 opening reception is to take place at Ogun Art + Wine. The ambiance is cozy and eclectic, sure to delight any African art enthusiast. Sponsors, vendors, fashion contributors as well as a few celebs are planned to be present.
Stop by to try out some of their delectable small plates, some of their lighter cheese and charcuterie selections or simply for dessert. Do all of this while enjoying a glass of wine, beer, or champagne from their menu.
This will be the first live fashion show that I get to see here in Houston, so I’m super excited. There will be tons to eat, drink, see and buy. I’ve already been browsing through the list of vendors like the one shown below, AhoufeDua Textiles (@ahoufeduatextiles on IG). They create beautiful, custom pieces using authentic Ghanaian Fabrics.
Photo Courtesy of AhoufeDua Textiles
Models: @model_shayandry & @model_me_quailee on IG
Events to check out during Houston Fashion Week:
– Beauty & Makeup Workshop
– Textiles, Sewing, Film Panel Discussion
– Wine, Art and Culture
– Silent Party After Party
– Love my Neighbor Community Festival
– Fashion Farmers Tradeshow
– The Ankara 4 Seasons Fashion Show
– FOSE Grand Fashion Show
I’m bringing all of my memory cards for this event, heh!  I’ve already requested several days off of work just so that I can make sure I have ample enough time to enjoy all of what African Fashion Week has to offer. #notagame #datesaved
Check out WWW.AFWHOUSTON.COM to purchase tickets and to see the full schedule of events. If you plan on attending, comment below so we can try and link up!

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