Final Rant

… a case of unrefined whim!

So, I’ve never been a huge lipstick fanatic. I was the one that was always fine with settling for a clear lip gloss or a nude lip balm from Walmart. I figured that my days were just way too ordinary for my lips to be completely glammed out on a day to day basis. I mean, come on… I wear medical scrubs 5 days out the week people.

amuse bouche lipstick


It wasn’t until just recently that I started catching on to the matte lip revolution. Everywhere I’d go and every video that I’d see boasted a model with a matte lip. So, I tried it… and from then on, I was hooked!! No longer was it a big deal to drop $20 on a highly reveled matte lipstick. Now, I have a considerable sized collection of lippies, of course, all of which are very matte lipsticks. LOL!


So, I was super excited when Influenster asked me to test out the new lipstick formula from the Bite Beauty campaign, called Amuse Bouche. Bite actually has an entire line of beauty products, ranging from lip liners, to lip primers, to lip scrubs. I jumped on the opportunity to try out something new and outside of my normal realm of lip adornment.


amuse bouche lipstick influenster


These cute little lippies boast a hydrating, ultra creamy consistency, coupled with a light note of natural citrus.  The lipstick line consists of 34 shades of lusciousness. I received: Pepper, Beetroot, Gazpacho. These lipsticks are sold exclusively by Sephora and retail for $26 each. They are HIGHLY pigmented and remarkably moisturizing. If you aren’t used to very vibrant colors, be forewarned. These lippies are not for the faint of heart. The pigments scream confidence and you’ll surely turn some heads with it on.


The handcrafted, certified gluten-free line utilizes 12 edible oils and combination of triple milled pigments. The citrus flavoring is made from real fresh pressed fruit. The lippies are formulated without any Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates. Yeh, that’s right–petrochemical free ingredients! They said it, not me! Heh! I’m guessing all of those scientific names that I mentioned above are the petrochemicals. The brand proudly declares, “You don’t have to sacrifice performance for a product made from nature”.


amuse bouche lipstick on dark skin



I was ultimately impressed with this change in pace from my normal lip cache. The color went on smooth and opaque, with only one swipe. The finish is very vibrant and moist looking. They definitely achieved the soft, creamy, buttery effect that they were going for. Each of these lasted well throughout my 8 hour workday without the need for reapply.


The formula does move around and transfers very easily. So, it is a must for me, to pair these with a lip liner.  If you’re very fidgety and you are constantly touching your face, be very conscientious. This lipstick will end up all over your face if you’re not careful.


I’ll definitely be purchasing a few more of these lipsticks. I’ve seen several Youtube reviews on the product and I love how the darker shades look. Licorice, Maple, and Black Truffle are all on my radar. Even though fall is done and over with, I can’t kick the darker toned lipsticks just yet.


To see more of my product reviews, look for the hashtag #rantORrave

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