Final Rant

… a case of unrefined whim!

Okay, so I know I recently stated in a previous post that I’d never been a huge lipstick whore. Well, I guess that was a small lie. In the past few months, Influenster has sent me several different lipsticks to review. If you’re interested in getting free stuff too, click the link to sign up! I now find myself starting to salivate over the different shades and formulas that I’ve recently added to my lippie cache. You know what they say, “You can’t miss what you’ve never had…”


bite beauty matte lip creme collection

 (Photo courtesy: Bite Beauty)


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been able to dibble and dabble with various brands and to figure out what it is that I really like. And, that’s simply a good matte lipstick. With a matte lip, you can dress yourself up or down. This means that I can wear it to work during the day or on a sexy date night out. It doesn’t look too fancy, like a glossy lipstick would look.


bite beauty matte lip on dark skin


If you’re curious to see how my last review went on the cream lipstick that I reviewed from Bite Beauty, hop over to that post by clicking here: The Amuse Bouche.


Anyway, back to the business… Influenster and Bite Beauty were so generous as to allow me to review another one of their awesome lipstick lines. This time around, I’m testing out The Matte Creme Lip Crayon.  These products were sent complimentary from Influenster. I received 3 different colors: Cava, Red Velvet, and Glace. The complete line includes a whopping list of 19 bold and beautiful shades. Visit Sephora, the exclusive retailer, to see them all! These bad boys retail for $24 each.




 This line’s formula also boasts a list of luxurious food-grade ingredients including rose hip, orange peel wax, castor oil, jojoba and others. All of these ingredients create for an overall moisturizing and conditioning lipstick. This lipstick is also cruelty and gluten free. Kudos to Bite Beauty for keeping it real, literally! LOL




This formula was very similar to the Amuse Bouche formula, which makes sense because it’s from the same brand. Duh! The lipstick works very well to lock in moisture and condition, thanks to the Resveratrol. This product is great during the harsh fall or winter months. The finish is opaque and satin with a slight sheen. Wear time is great, as long as you can keep it from transferring to other things. There’s no feathering and no bleeding with this lipstick. It can be wore comfortably alone.




The formula is marketed as a matte creme lipstick. This means that while the lipstick it very conditioning,  it never “dries” so to say. Because of this, you will still notice a slight shine and almost wet looking finish. I wouldn’t classify this as a real matte lipstick. Also, know that it will transfer if you’re lips accidentally (or purposely… lol) happen to touch something else.




I would possibly repurchase this product, if it was on sale… Maybe?! I mean, it’s not a bad product at all.  I’m just in love with the more dry looking matte lips and this is more of a creamy matte lip.  When I do a matte lip, I don’t want any type of shine. At this price point, I’d rather invest in something that I’m more in love with.

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