Final Rant

… a case of unrefined whim!

Want to do makeup like the pros?! Well, here’s your chance! I accidentally stumbled across these while looking for a new set of the typical traditional makeup brushes. I had no clue what these were and what they were being used for! I mean come on, they look so bourgeois! I thought, surely those can’t be for amateur use. Guess what?! This totally made me want them even more!


ovalbrush makeup brush


So, I went home that night and did what any clueless person eagerly yearning for info does–I went on Youtube! With a few clicks, I found a demo video telling me all about these innovative, chic littleĀ  brushes. Immediately, I was hooked! I knew that I was going to have to try these out for myself.

I found these in my local Burlington Coat Factory store in Webster, TX. I was simply ecstatic that I was getting a set of “Oval Brushes” for myself, at a great price point. I purchased this set of 3 brushes for (wait for it…) a crisp $9 guys! You cannot beat that, especially since the authentic 10 piece Artis set is about $400. That’s a major price difference! $400 is almost a car note for me! Umm, yeah… NOT TODAY… NOT EVER…


ovalbrush makeup


These brushes are ergonomically designed for self application of makeup. . Near the head of the brush, you’ll notice that the stems on these brushes have a little give to them. This is done to reduce the amount of pressure that it being applied to the face.

The fibers used within them are as soft as polar bear mink (Is that even a thing? lol). The fibers in these brushes are packed very densely. When applying makeup, the product sits on the very top surface of the fibers. There is little to no saturation into the brush. This is great because you end up [wasting] less product. The goal of this application is to have a smooth, airbrush finished consistency.


makeup brushes ovalbrush


I achieved the look below after only my second time using the brushes. As you can see, a flawless finish was delivered! They are extremely user friendly. I’d recommend these brushes for all skill levels.

finalrant lifestyle blogger


Be sure to check out my video below if you’d like to see the full tutorial on how I created this look. I keep it super simple, so don’t be intimidated! SUBSCRIBE if you like my content!


I’d love to hear about your experience with Oval Brushes? Are you using the Artis Brand or a dupe? Let me know! If you have any questions about these brushes, drop them below!

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