African Fashion Week Houston 2017

Any newcomer to Houston knows how daunting this city can be. When I first moved here I was always so overwhelmed. With all of the tollways, highway and sub-cities, it’s no wonder I ended up Google mapping myself everywhere. Oh, and don’t even mention public transportation. I’ve never been in a taxi or on a bus.

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After years of living in Houston, I’m finally finding the time and courage to take in all of what #HTOWN has to offer. Despite having lived in many different areas of Houston, I had never really visited downtown… It was just too intimidating. Limited parking. One way only traffic. The possibility of getting smashed by a Metrorail. Umm, no… I’ll pass!

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That was my mentality back then, it only took an eternity to shift my thoughts. Friends, dating and boredom inevitably lured me out of my small town city shell. I love Houston’s night life: the sports life, the bar scene, the great eats! When my friends ask where we’re going, I’m the one that’s usually persuading them to go downtown now. I’m finally getting a taste for the fine and eclectic city life that Houston boasts. And… boy, is it addicting! The more hidden spots you find, the more you want to explore… Like, what else have I been missing out on?!

This past weekend, I got to experience my first local fashion show: African Fashion Week Houston. I had my beloved BFF of all time with me, Cristal! She’s a Houston Youtuber too, check out her YT channel here. It was quite entertaining: the  unique outfits, the handsome men, the playful ambiance, the mini bar. You can imagine how psyched I was to be there and able to capture all of the glory. It was like a small scale, more intimate New York Fashion Week meets #blackexcellence. Y’all know I’m here for that!


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African Fashion Week included a week of luxurious events all across downtown Houston. Beautiful venues, all composed around a concurrent theme: Making the Connection. All of the international beauty that was on site was simply mesmerizing.


african fashion week in houston


I got an aesthetic dose of African culture, tradition and art. Do y’all see these colors and patterns. The models rocked the runway! Those hosts were great! The designers did their thing! The crowd was very receptive to it all… Good times!


african fashion week houston


And, just as I said in my last post, there was plenty to eat, drink, and shop! I was at both the food counter and the mini bar. I promise I only had one cocktail! It was a myriad of events, with something for just about everyone.


african fashion week houston


It’s safe to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the event, the designers, the model and the other photographers that I met. Throughout the event, I made sure to Tweet, Snap and IG. To see more of my Houston African Fashion Week posts, check out the event hashtag #AFWH2017.


african fashion week houston

If you want the first look for any of my upcoming events, be sure to follow me on Instagram @final_rant (:


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