Rihanna Launches Savage x Fenty Lingerie Line

Is it me, or is Rihanna just the queen of finessing a  reveal? First, it was Fenty Beauty. Now, Rihanna is dropping her new lingerie line: Savage x Fenty




The new line has already amassed 619k on it’s new Instagram. Rihanna also invited fans to join the mailing list for the new product line, via website: https://www.savagex.com! Just as we saw in the Fenty Beauty line, Rihanna introduces the line with small hints here and there leading up to a final release. Repeat after me, Rihanna is queen of the well orchestrated tease. Fans are in a frenzy with talk of the worldwide launch. Can you blame them? Every concept touched by Rihanna has been nothing but mesmerizing.




Here’s what you need to know:

The Feny Beauty line drops on May 11th. That’s tomorrow! A recent expose, by Vogue magazine, states,

RiRi has christened her core collection On the Reg, and it will include bras available in every shade of nude alongside T-shirt bras, undies, and more everyday essential items. The U Cute collection is a riff on modern girlishness with many of the lacy pieces seen on the Savage x Fenty Instagram, while the Damn line has a decidedly sexier edge, featuring rompers, garter belt sets, and bodysuits. For the ultimate bad gal, there’s the Black Widow collection, which the brand describes as “risqué and ultra sexy.”

Umm, did I hear nudes! I’m so with this whole inclusive movement. That, and nude lingerie is just so innocent and sexy. She did it with the 40 shades of Fenty Beauty foundation and she’s doing it again with this line. Subsequently, there are a total 90 pieces of lingerie sure to please on all skin tones, cup sizes, and a wide range of body types. Bras will go from size 32A to 44D. Let the church say Amen!!



Okay, yall… I’m scrolling  the IG page right now. Get excited! Ri is not playing games. I see models of all nationalities. Big boobs, small boobs… Bright and subtle hues… The line can only be destined for greatness.

And get this, Rihanna created the line to be accessible to all and affordable. The designer bras will range in price from $39 to $59, with thet-shirt bras clocking in at a little less… Okurrr!! That means that us normal folk can splurge a little and still get alot. I also hear that there will be a membership program for loyal customers to receive early access to new launches and limited edition creations.




Who’s ready to shop?

I know that I am! Rihanna is definitely disrupting several industries right now, in such a good way.


Rihanna Savage Fenty Fenty Beauty
Photo: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fenty does it  again.


Success! You're on the list.

Breakups & Little Black Dresses – Sponsored Post

Everyone hates breakups, but a new little black dress can easily dampen the blow. Being able to shop always heightens my mood! I don’t care what it’s for, it instantly makes me happy!

Just knowing that you have to go through the emotional roller coaster of getting all of your feelings back on track. It’s like you’re drowning in a soiree of different moods: happiness, sadness, independence, sorrowfulness, hopefulness, hopelessness, loneliness, anger…

Umm, shall I continue? LOL! In the wake of it all, you finally start to see the light and realize that things aren’t so bad after all.

“I can see clearly now the rain is gone!”

This rang so true the first few days after my separation. Hindsight truly is 20/20. Nonetheless, new outfits make it all the better.

It is at this point in time that you start to see the perks of not having anyone there governing a part of your life. You can go out on dates again! Doing your makeup can take 3 hours and no one will have anything to say about it! You can go shopping without having to worry guilt trips from your significant other. There won’t be anyone nagging for you to come to bed at 2 in the morning, while you’re binge watching Orange is the New Black on a week night. You’re now the only reason that you’d miss a girl’s night out.

Anyway, I digress… The whole point of this blog post is that you have to take the bitter with the sweet. Know that there will be ups and downs, breakups and recovering shopping, sorrowful binge eating and extreme bubble booty gym bounce back. Heh!

This breakup has actually treated me pretty well. I’ve learned a lot about myself, that my BFF is truly “bout it, bout it” and what expectations I have for future suitors.

It may still be a bit early, but I’m well prepared to jump back on the proverbial horse. I’ve even got the perfect little black dress, from Holly O Boutique, for when that time comes.

This little black dress  (by Holly O Boutique) is sexy, yet still tasteful. I love the lace detailing, as it adds just enough delight and intrigue to have your date on his toes all night.

These  pictures do this swanky little dress very little justice. If you want a better view of the detailing, be sure to check out my review video over on my Youtube channel.

Link to Holly O Boutique dress shown:


Pair this with a warm, inviting perfume and a cute pair of black stilettos–MAGIC! I promise you that your date won’t know what hit him!

Seriously, this is a dangerous combo. Try it out, let me know how it goes!



African Fashion Week Houston 2017

I finally took a huge leap out of my bubble of comfort to attend African Fashion Week! Any newcomer to Houston knows how daunting this city can be. So, if you’re like me then make it a point to venture out a little.

When I first moved here I was always so overwhelmed. With all of the tollways, highway and sub-cities, it’s no wonder I ended up Google mapping myself everywhere.

Oh, and don’t even mention public transportation. I’ve never been in a taxi or on a bus. So, you guys should commend me for this. I mean, I’m doing this for you-my beloved fans. Heh!

city of houston

After years of living in Houston, I’m finally finding the time and courage to take in all of what #HTOWN has to offer. Despite having lived in many different areas of Houston, I had never really visited downtown-until late.

Subsequently, I’m finding that there’s so much to experience! Before, downtown was an absolute no for me. It was just too intimidating. Limited parking. One way only traffic. The possibility of getting smashed by a Metrorail. Now, it’s a breeze.

I’m pretty much downtown every weekend.

minute maid park houston astros

 Friends, dating and boredom inevitably lured me out of my small town city shell. I love Houston’s night life: the sports life, the bar scene, the great eats! When my friends ask where we’re going, I’m the one that’s usually persuading them to go downtown now. I’m finally getting a taste for the fine and eclectic city life that Houston boasts. And… boy, is it addicting! The more hidden spots you find, the more you want to explore… Like, what else have I been missing out on?!

This past weekend, I got to experience my first local fashion show: African Fashion Week Houston. I had my beloved BFF of all time with me, Cristal! She’s a Houston Youtuber too, check out her YT channel here.

It was quite entertaining: the  unique outfits, the handsome men, the playful ambiance, the mini bar. You can imagine how psyched I was to be there and able to capture all of the glory. It was like a small scale, more intimate New York Fashion Week meets #blackexcellence. Y’all know I’m here for that! Seriously though, I felt like I was on an episode of Sex In The City!

It was quite entertaining: the  unique outfits, the handsome men, the playful ambiance, the mini bar.

natural hair houston

African Fashion Week included a week of luxurious events all across downtown Houston. Beautiful venues, all composed around a concurrent theme: Making the Connection. All of the international beauty that was on site was simply mesmerizing.

african fashion week in houston

I got an aesthetic dose of African culture, tradition and art. Do y’all see these colors and patterns? The models rocked the runway! Similarly, the hosts were great! The designers did their thing! The crowd was very receptive to it all… Good times!

african fashion week houston

And, just as I said in my last post, there was plenty to eat, drink, and shop! I was at both the food counter and the mini bar. I promise I only had one cocktail! It was a myriad of events, with something for just about everyone.

african fashion week houston

Be sure to follow me on all of my social media platforms!

It’s safe to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the event, the designers, the model and the other photographers that I met. Throughout the event, I made sure to Tweet, Snap and IG. To see more of my Houston African Fashion Week posts, check out the event hashtag #AFWH2017.

african fashion week houston

If you want the first look for any of my upcoming events, be sure to follow me on Instagram @final_rant (:



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