Top Things to do in Houston For Socialites

Things to do in Houston TX

If you are new to the area, or even just visiting, you might be wondering what are the top things to do in Houston, TX. Well, brace yourselves–there’s a long laundry list of things that you can get into.

I’ve been here for about 13 years now and I still stumble upon undiscovered places to visit on a daily basis. Read on to hear my top things to do in Houston for Socialites.

Don’t forget to check out my list of Houston restaurant reviews! My most recent foodie adventure was at The Juicy Crab. If you want detailed descriptions, then be sure to head over to that section of my blog.

Where To Brunch

Breakfast is definitely one of my most favorite meals of the day. Anytime there’s time for you to just be lazy and go to brunch, you know it’s going to be a great day.

So, whether you’re a bacon fanatic or just trying to nurse a hangover, these are some of my favorite local breakfast spots.

EggHaus Gourmet

2042 E T C Jester Blvd | Houston, TX 77008|

Pelican Breakfast & Lunch

3142 E NASA Pkwy | Seabrook, TX 77586 |

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

5000 Westheimer Rd Suite 120 | Houston, TX 77056 | | *

The Back Yard Grill

9453 Jones Rd | Houston, TX 77065 |

The Breakfast Club

3711 Travis St | Houston, TX 77002 |

Toasted Yolk

2110 Town Square Pl | Sugar Land, TX 77479 | | *

Toute Suite Cafe

2001 Commerce St | Houston, TX 77002 |

Where To Have Dinner

If you’re looking for a nice hearty meal, then check out some of these recommendations. I’m all about good flavor and feeling full after I leave. These restaurant options will do just that!

where to have dinner in houston tx

Whiskey Cake

23139 Grand Cir Blvd | Katy, TX 77449 | | *

State Fare Kitchen & Bar

947 Gessner Rd #B190 | Houston, TX 77024 |

Turkey Leg Hut

4830 Almeda Rd suite a/b| Houston, TX 77004 |


800 Sorella Court Space 116 | Houston, TX 77024 | | *

Best Places To Drink

There are a ton of bars to go drink at, no matter what part of Houston you’re in. Each area kind of has its own little vibe. My favorite areas to visit are downtown on Main Street, Midtown or The Heights.

If you want to wild out, then Main Street is definitely the place for that. Come early and try to Uber. You’ll thank me later!

Midtown is also a party area, mostly for the younger, less crazy crowd.

The Heights is a more mature type of spot. It comprises of business professionals that still like to drink every now and then, but they prefer to be in a civilized atmosphere.

Bad News Bar & Spirit Lounge

308 Main St | Houston, TX 77002 | Bad News Bar

Height Bier Garten

1433 N Shepherd Dr #1 | Houston, TX 77008 | Heights Bier Garten

Lei Low Rum & Tiki Bar

6412 N Main St, Houston, TX 77009

Sugar Refinery

2248 Texas Dr | Sugar Land, TX 77479 |

Where To Go For Chill Vibes

Don’t want to party? Why not go for the chill vibe with these options below. The crowds at these spots are very relaxed. Enjoy your drinks, on a patio, in a carefree and light atmosphere.

bars with chill vibes in houston

77 Degrees

2416 Brazos St, Ste 200 | Houston, TX 77006 |


6025 Westheimer Rd |Houston, TX 77057 |

Nobi Public House

241 E NASA Pkwy | Webster, TX 77598 |

Pitch 25

2120 Walker St | Houston, TX 77003 | Pitch 25


909 Texas Ave | Houston, TX 77002 |

Best Dance Spots

If you enjoy the good music and big crowds, then check out these recommendations below. They offer huge dance floors, badass DJ’s, and of course–loud music! Whether it’s swing, alternative, or just your typical mainstream music that you enjoy, you won’t be disappointed!

Cabo Bar & Grill

2513 NASA Road 1 | Seabrook, TX 77586 |

Whiskey River

7637 FM 1960 Rd W | Houston, TX 77070 | | *

Shot Bar

2315 Bagby St | Houston, TX 77006 | Shot Bar

Lincoln Bar

5110 Washington Ave | Houston, TX 77007 | Lincoln Bar

Where to Shop

We’ve discussed pretty much every other venue and type of establishment. I felt that I should also mention shopping. No vacation getaway is complete without a good shopping session.

As a local, I love to visit the following spots for a good shopping spree.

Vintage Stores on 19th St

W 19th St | Houston, TX 77008 |

Galleria Mall

5085 Westheimer Rd | Houston, TX 77056 |

First Colony Mall

16535 Southwest Fwy | Sugar Land, TX 77479 |

Houston Premium Outlets

29300 Hempstead Rd | Cypress, TX 77433 |

Sight See in Houston

For those of you that are visiting, I’m throwing in the section. Here are several places to go if you really want to soak up the culture and what Houston has to offer.

If you’re really good at planning, you might be able to land at these sightseeing spots on discounted days. Create an itinerary ahead of time to take advantage of free days!

Galveston Island

Galveston, TX 77550 |

Houston Zoo

6200 Hermann Park Dr | Houston, TX 77030 |

Museum District

Houston, TX |


2026 Lockheed Rd | Galveston, TX 77554 |

Space Center

1601 E NASA Pkwy | Houston, TX 77058 |

Hines Waterwall Park

2800 Post Oak Blvd | Houston, TX 77056 |

Other Seasonal Events in Houston

If you’re visiting, check out some of the seasonal events that we have to offer! Houston has a multitude of sports teams: basketball, baseball, football, and soccer. Why not watch a live game to really create some memories while you visit.

watch the houston texans

For additional seasonal events, be sure to check out Eventbrite. This is a great way to find events that are local to you, no matter what area you’re in.

Astros Games

Houston Livestock & Rodeo Show

HUE Mural Festival

Texans Games

Rockets Games

Dynamo Games

Is there anything that I missed? Have you been to any of the bars that I mentioned? If so, drop me a comment below letting me know how your experience was.

Until then, cheers!

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The Juicy Crab Has Made It’s Way to Houston

Do you love eating tender, juicy crab in Houston, TX? Then, you’ll delight in the fact that there’s a new Atlanta-based, seafood spot in town. The Juicy Crab, yes… that’s the actual name of the restaurant.

the juicy crab houston

I was delighted that The Juicy Crab wanted to partner with little ole me on something. They invited me and a few of my friends out to their grand opening day.

We got to experience all of the menu options and had direct access to the owner. You guys know that I like to ask a ton of questions about the menu before I even consider ordering anything.

The restaurant is a self proclaimed Cajun-inspired seafood chain. And, they’re serving all kinds of delectable seafood dishes.

Where is The Juicy Crab Located?

The Juicy Crab is located conveniently right off of Highway 249 and FM 1960, right by Willowbrook Mall. If you’re an old timer, then you probably remember when this spot used to be Baker Street. I spent many a night there in my more youthful days.

What is The Inside Like?

We were delighted by the transformation the location underwent. The inside of the building was barely recognizable.

Owners installed a comfortable little bar area. It has the perfectly blue lighting to set the mood for a good time. This area is cozy, but I’d say that there’s ample seating.

steamed oysters

Likewise, there is plenty of seating for those dining at tables, with families. The main foyer is very accessible. I don’t have children, but I know how big of a hassle it can be to highchair children at a busy, cramped restaurant. They offer a variety of both booths and low top tables to accommodate everyone.

Be warned, this is a get down and get dirty type of seafood joint. The food is served without utensils… So, come prepared to dig in–literally. At first, it felt weird to be eating with my hands. Incidentally, I got used to it really quickly.

It helps that they serve the meal with a plastic bib and plenty of wet naps!

Do They Have Drinks?

Hennessy Cocktail

When you visit, be sure to try all of the Hennessy cocktails on their menu. Some of the other influencers spoke very highly of the Henny Margarita. Who would have thought that Hennessy would go so well with The Juicy Crab menu.

I can personally attest to the greatness of the Henny the Beach. We all know what that’s a spin-off of…  It was delicious! I only had one, but I definitely felt it creeping up on me towards the end of my meal.

What’s on The Menu?

juicy crab appetizers

Okay, let’s get to that—THE FOOD! That is the important part, right?

The Juicy Crab has something for everyone. Yes, for those of you weirdos that don’t eat seafood, no need to fret. Options for you include chicken wings, chicken tenders, and their extensive list of yummy sides.

As far as appetizers go, everything was very tasty! I really loved the popcorn shrimp, the Cajun fries, and the calamari.

Other add-ons include: rice, boiled eggs, corn on the cob, sausage and potatoes. Ask for garlic or their specialty Boom Boom sauce if you like an extra savory kick to your food.

hot wings in houston

For your wings, guests can choose from regular breading, BBQ, Cajun, Garlic, Lemon Pepper, or Juicy Special Wings.

The Juicy Special sauce includes a slew of secret ingredients. It can be served at whichever heat intensity you can handle: mild, medium, hot. Ultimately, I recommend going with hot if you really want to feel a little bit of heat.

Seafood fiends, you will be in Heaven while eating at The Juicy Crab Houston. Their menu boasts a variety of both raw and fried seafood delights to include:

  • Blue Crab, King Crab & Snow Crab Legs
  • Shrimp (Headless & Head On, Boiled & Fried)
  • Crawfish
  • Clams
  • Mussels
  • Lobster
  • Oysters
  • Fish (Catfish, Tilapia)

What item off of the menu do you plan on trying first?

Lastly, I recommend that you not skip the dessert menu. I was so full from my appetizer and entree that I almost did just that. I ended up getting my dessert in a to go box.

I’m so glad that I did. Later that night, I pretty much attacked my NY Style cheesecake! It was thick, rich and fresh–as a good cheesecake should be.

Other dessert options include: chocolate cake, carrot cake, and red velvet cake. I really can’t wait to visit again so that I can try them all out.

The myriad of flavors I experienced during dining experience truly touched my soul. This location is very close to my job, so it’s been excruciatingly tempting not to venture back in for more.

Ready to give The Juicy Crab a go?

17278 Tomball Pkwy

Houston TX 77064


Be sure to check out my other recent food blogs. You guys know that I love talking about seafood as much as I love eating it!

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Sozo Sushi for Date Night

The best date night spots are always the ones that you accidentally stumble upon–and we did just that at Sozo Sushi!

Living in Houston, this unsurprisingly happens quite often. We were in the Galleria taking care of some last minute shopping. I would say it was roughly about 9 PM because Nordstrom Rack had just kicked us out.

We wanted something exotic and close. I was starving! Sozo Sushi Lounge popped up.

sozo sushi date night

We ended up at this super chic sushi lounge, just a few minutes past the Galleria Mall. Sozo Sushi Lounge is quietly tucked away in the corner of a shopping mall on Post Oak Boulevard, along with some other super swanky spots.

We passed it twice–once trying to navigate there (thanks Google Maps) and upon walking up. I guess I should note that they are on the second level of the building complex. They had the option for valet, but it was late (and unbusy) so we parked ourselves. The vibe was superb.

Think: open but intimate, contemporary but elegant. That's what #Sozo Sushi is. Click To Tweet

sozo sushi

We were quickly seated by a window offering the most delightfully charming scenic view. Our chairs were pulled out and we were given a menu. You can check out the menu for yourself here. The mood was very serene. It was obvious that the establishment took things very seriously.

I opted for an adult beverage, while he got a fountain drink. So naturally, a trip to the girl’s room was due. I know I’m not the only one that’s intrigued by restaurant bathroom architecture! Come on guys, look at these walls. The tiles have a nice glisten under the light, while the chrome offsets everything else. The restroom, and restaurant alike, were very clean.

Sozo Sushi Lounge

Okay, so back to the table… Like I said, we were very hungry! Our waitress politely informed us that we had arrived just a few minutes before last call. We quickly perused the menu and ordered both our appetizer and entree. The menu was extensive, but not to the point that it was overwhelming. Each item had a brief description below it, just in case you weren’t familiar with what you were getting.

Sozo Sushi offers everything from Shashimi, Classic & Signature Sushi Rolls, Rice and Noodle dishes, Sandwiches, Soups, Poke Bowls and more. My favorite dessert to get while having sushi is definitely the Mochi (Japanese ice cream). Sozo boasts a wide selection of Mochi flavors, six to be exact: Chocolate, Coffee, Green Tea, Mango, Red Bean and Strawberry.  I’m supposed to be on a diet, but that didn’t stop my mouth from watering as my eyes descended down the dessert menu. I was stuffed by the time I’d finished my appetizer and entree–but if not, I would have tried the sticky rice dessert.

If you can manage to squeeze in some time during your lunch, take advantage of Sozo Sushi’s Bento Box lunch specials. If visiting after work, drop in during their happy hour (Monday – Friday from 3 PM to 7 PM and all day on Sundays).

What we got:


sozo sushi lounge

sozo sushi date night ideas
Stuffed Jalapenos
sozo sushi lounge
Shaggy Dog Signature Roll


Sozo Sushi Lounge Houston
Spicy Miso Ramen


I have not one! If I have to say one, I’d say that they could stand to stay open an hour or two later.


Every item was fresh and skillfully prepared. They held nothing back as far as seasoning and spices went. The portions were large and filling. The scenery was fantastic.


Everything about the experience was pristine. So yes, I will most definitely be going back!

Have you visited Sozo Sushi Lounge yet? If so, what’s your favorite sushi roll. Drop a comment below!

Give them a visit!

Sozo Sushi

1700 Post Oak Blvd #250

Houston, TX 77056


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