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Spring Home Decor: Seasonal Mix Up!

What better a time than Spring to redo your home decor? You can do a lot with just a few little additions throughout your home. An accent wall here, a decorative item there… Here are a few ideas to get your “spring home decor” juice flowing.

Add a wall gallery

You can start a wall gallery with just five strategically placed frames. You can add family photos, popular brand logos, abstract art, or even positivity quotes. The more variety the better. You can even mix up the frame colors and sizes for an even more unique look. I love throwing in random things like a clock or wording just to add more dimension to the mix. Virtually anyone can successfully do a wall gallery.

home decor spring

Change your linen

At the start of each season, linen normally goes on sale. This is a great way to catch monumental sales prior to the season. You know what they say, think smarter not harder. Stores like At Home and TJ Maxx are perfect for drapery, throw and linen shopping. I like to keep a variety of linen on hand, for surprise company. I always have an ample supply to pull from when I start to feel like my home decor is getting stale and monotonous.

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Add an accent piece

Accent pieces are a great way to tie the colors within a room together. You can go with a highly matched color scheme or you can choose two main colors and compliment with a one off color (or material).

Choose something that is elaborate and will catch your guest’s attention. There is no such thing as too busy when it comes to an accent piece. I’m seeing that brass and gold accents are very big this season!

My favorite stores for accent pieces are At Home, Amazon, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

home decor spring

Paint a wall

You can effortlessly change up the mood in a room by simply changing the main hues. Paint a wall or two within a room to give the space a new feel. Changing the walling is a great way to quickly alter the mood within a room. Don’t sleep on wallpaper! It’s a great temporary alternative to switching up your home decor.

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Throw a rug in the mix

Adding a rug to a room is a great way to tie everything in a room together. You can top it off with a fancy look by choosing a faux fur or you can go with a geometric patterned cotton rug. Rugs can be expensive, but you can also find some affordable ones. It’s all up to you and your budget.

home decor rug

Add greenery

Plants seem to make a home space so much more livable. They add a rejuvenating touch to the room’s ambience. They add a balance and sense of calm to the room. The options are vast: short, tall, frosted, spiky, healing… Once you identify your room’s decor style, you’ll have no problem choosing a fitting piece of plant life. If keeping things alive isn’t your thing, opt for some artificial greenery.

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  1. April 2, 2019 / 11:56 am

    Lots of good tips for spring make over i think i like more the linen just to match up some colour into the season

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