The Juicy Crab Has Made It’s Way to Houston

Do you love eating tender, juicy crab in Houston, TX? Then, you’ll delight in the fact that there’s a new Atlanta-based, seafood spot in town. The Juicy Crab, yes… that’s the actual name of the… View Post

What’s In My Gym Bag?

Whenever I start talking about my new found love for the gym, the conversation always leads to people asking what’s in my gym bag! If you’re curious about it too, then keep on reading! Gym… View Post

Lose Weight Fast with These Simple Weight Loss Tips

Curious about how to lose weight fast? Is it even possible? It definitely is–I know, because I managed to do it. I planned a last-minute trip and had to drop 15 pounds quick! Find out… View Post

6 Ways to Get Back in Touch With You

  Wake up. Go to work. Hit the gym. Sleep. Repeat. It’s so easy to get lost in the world wind of life and lose touch of you. Things become so routine that your body… View Post

Spring Home Decor: Seasonal Mix Up!

What better a time than Spring to redo your home decor? You can do a lot with just a few little additions throughout your home. An accent wall here, a decorative item there… Here are… View Post

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