What’s In My Gym Bag?

Whenever I start talking about my new found love for the gym, the conversation always leads to people asking what’s in my gym bag! If you’re curious about it too, then keep on reading!

Gym Bag

Every gym enthusiast needs a place to keep all of their go to gym essentials. If you don’t already have a gym bag, then you can find an inexpensive one on Amazon.com or at Ross Dress For Less.

what's in my gym bag

They have a plethora of cute options with a wide range of colors. You can opt for duffel style, or for the cute 90’s backpack type of gym bag. Go with whatever complements your fitness style!

gym bag essentials

As you can see, my gym back is by FILA. It has two of my favorite colors in it: black and neon green. I love the bag because it’s very sturdy and stands up to all of my abuse. In my morning rush, so much ends up getting thrown into my gym bag: breakfast, clothes, my makeup bag.

My gym bag is full of pockets and meshing. This is great because it allows for adequate air flow throughout the bag. It even has a separate pocket for me to store a pair of shoes. So, it’s no problem for me to go from my work heels to my gym shoes.


I’m so dependent on my headphones that I will go all the way back home if I end up at the gym without them. Silly, right?

lg headphones

For whatever reason, I can not go to the gym without a pair of headphones. I have a pair of Bluetooth LG headphones that I absolutely swear by. They are virtually weightless while I’m working out.

Headphones are a great distraction, especially when you’re not particularly motivated to work out. As soon as I turn on my headphones, it takes my mind to an entirely different place. It’s almost like I’m in a trance.

Fitness Swimsuit

If I plan on swimming that day, I make sure to bring a fitness swimsuit with me. A one piece swimsuit–because uhh, she got a donk! Speedo has the most comfortable swimwear in my opinion. We definitely don’t need all of that being exposed to virgin eyes in the gym.

I have so many swimsuits, it’s ridiculous. So, it’s nothing to leave a spare suit in my gym bag for whenever I need to grab and go. I also make sure to pack my FILA slides for walking to and from the pool area.


Having a towel while you’re at the gym is vital for several reasons. Mostly because sweat an germs… Additionally, it serves as a show of courtesy to your fellow gym members.

gym towel

In my fitness group, I hear so many people ranting about others not bringing a towel with them to the gym. It’s a serious thing guys!

It’s best to use a towel with discernible sides. One side for the part that will touch dirty gym equipment, while the other will only touch surfaces of your skin.

Nobody wants to get on a piece of gym equipment that’s still full of fresh dew from the last person’s sweat. Take advantage of your gym’s towel service if they offer it.

Plus, it’s always nice to have a towel if you’re using the sauna!


Okay, this item doesn’t require a big description. Deodorant is deodorant… Bring some! I personally use Arm & Hammer deodorant. The brand claims to use all natural deodorizer ingredients, so the green in me loves that.

what's in my gym bag

Resistance Bands

I recently ordered some resistance bands from Amazon. These are typically used to increase intensity in a workout. They are great for toning my legs.

You can find resistance bands online for cheap. Also, you can take them virtually anywhere. I take mine with me to work and use them at my desk during the day.

Ankle Straps

ankle straps

Ankle straps have helped with toning my glutes so well! I get so many compliments on my legs and butt. I purchased my straps online at Amazon. I use these straps for my workouts on the dual pulley machine.

Click here to watch my Youtube video where I show my favorite booty building exercises. Do these and you will definitely notice a big change within two weeks. Yes, you can quote me on that.

Water Bottle

blender bottle

Another essential at the gym is a means to drink water. It’s a hassle to walk back and forth to the water fountain, so I typically try to bring a water bottle with me for every workout.

My preferred brand is the blender bottle. It doubles as a cup for both water and my protein shakes. It comes with a metal contraption that helps with blending any supplemental powders that you may be incorporating.

What’s in your workout bag?!


You can’t talk about supplemental powders without mentioning pre-workout. Pre-workout is one of my must have gym items, especially if I workout in the morning.

c4 preworkout

C4 is my preferred blend. It gives me the boost I need to wake up and get to the gym. I take the pre-workout about 20 minutes before my workout. It has me floating across the gym for the duration of my workout.

I noticed that I can do a longer, more intense workout when I take C4. A more intense workout means greater gains, so I’m here for that.

If you enjoyed this blog, be sure to drop me a comment below. Is there anything in your bag that I don’t have in mine? Let me know! Check out my last fitness blog here!

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