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VillaSport Athletic Club, Spa & Gym Opens in Katy, TX

It’s not just a gym in Katy, TX—VillaSport Cinco Ranch is a whole athletic club and spa! Villa Sport boasts a grandiose facility with a little something for everyone in the family!

Keep reading on to discover all that this new Cinco Ranch gym has to offer.

VillaSport Early Bird

For those of you who work the early shift, I know you’ll appreciate the hours of operation that they have here.

For those of you who don’t care to wake up early for the gym, the breakfast cafe may entice you. It got me! Coined Villacafe, it even sounds luxurious to the ear…

Villacafe hosts a wide range of breakfast and lunch options. At the cafe, you’ll find everything from pastries, to salads, to sandwiches, wraps and toasts, to smoothies. They even have a selection for the kids, to include pizza, chicken nuggets, macaroni and more.

Oh, and we can talk about breakfast without mentioning coffee. Yes, they have that too! Not big on coffee, then you’ll want to try out the hot cocoa or the fresh iced tea.

You’ll quickly grow to love your morning workout. Rest assured that your early bird tendencies won’t be penalized. Villasport offers a multitude of athletic classes all throughout the day. But, we’ll talk about that later in the blog.

What VillaSport Has For The Kids

So, let’s start with the typical kid stuff… They have several kids play areas, so that parents can come and knockout their workout free of distractions. Staff made it a point to let guests know that they do change diapers, because who wants to exit stage left out of a fitness class to go do that.

You will have no worries while your child plays all of their energy away with VillaSport staff. They have a multitude of play rooms that are separated by age range. They make sure to engage your children just as much, if not more than you would.

I saw lots of books, puzzles, building blocks, and other creative activities for children to enjoy. One room was a gym complete with everything that I can remember from my childhood PE class. This part of the facility really made me miss being a kid again!

Outside, they have several pools. One of which, is pretty much a water park with a huge water slide. You’ll have to watch my Youtube video to see that! Who needs the beach, when you have a VillaSport gym right around the corner.

As if that wasn’t enough… Wait, there’s more—they offer summer day camp for kids too! Get more details about the Cinco Ranch summer day camp program by clicking here.

What VillaSport Has For The Adults

VillaSport gym has even more to offer if you’re an adult trying to get slim thick on. Multiple resort style pools (one of which, is an adult only pool), a bar & grill (with all of the accouterments for the perfect adult refreshments), a spa offering facials and massages, a full on salon, and all of the gym equipment that you could ever want.

The gym has tons of machinery. Whether you like using free weights or machine, just know that Villasport has plenty of everything. They even had an imitation grass lane for you CrossFit folks that love to workout outside.

There was plenty of lockers with space enough for all of your belongings. Both the men and women’s area have a dry sauna, steam sauna, and a hot tub.

If you’re coming from or going to a busy day at the office and haven’t finished all of your work, you can do it here. They have a ton of relaxing sitting areas where you can just sit and reflect. Yes, they do offer complimentary WiFi to guests.

For the Gym Newbie at VillaSport

For those of you that are just embarking on you fitness journey, take advantage of the knowledgeable staff that VillaSport has. I walked up to a couple staff members to ask them about different equipment that they had that I had never seen. When interacting with other coworkers and patrons, all of the staff was very friendly and enthusiastic. Everyone was very cognizant of the member experience that they were providing.

If you are someone that needs even more guidance, hire one of the Villasport trainers to instruct you through your workout. Just want minimal guidance, then take advantage of the fitness classes that we mentioned above.

While I was at the gym, I was able to take and witness a couple of the group exercise classes that they offer.

Group Exercise Classes that I’ve taken at VillaSport Cinco Ranch

  • Les Mills THE TRIP™ bike class
  • Body pump
  • Yoga

To say that they were all quite the challenge, would simply be an understatement. Be sure to watch the video here if you want a first look at me attempting those classes.

VillaSport Cinco Ranch for the Posh

After my workout, I showered and headed over to the spa. I got a rejuvenating facial and a full body massage. I was amazed by how fresh and calming everything was. Think mint, eucalyptus, pumpkin… everything that soothes the soul!

It was so relaxing! I felt like I was at a luxury spa resort. The experience was just perfect. Don’t take my word for it…

Spa staff was very respectful and knowledgeable about the procedures that they were performing. They inform you every step of the way, what they are using and how it helps your skin. My masseuse even made sure to ask me how the pressure was throughout my massage.

It was the little things like that, that really made this a wondrous experience for me. Go watch my Youtube video, so you can get a glimpse of how awesome this gym and all of the staff are!

Be sure to check out their upcoming events. They host birthday parties, social clubs, networking events and more. You can access the calendar of events here: VillaSport Calendar.

Ready to Join VillaSport Gym of Katy, TX?

Ready to take advantage of all that VillaSport has to offer? Sign up today! Registration fees are being waived right now, so sign up soon!

villasport katy tx gym

Visit VillaSport to find out more information:

VillaSport Athletic Club & Spa

9930 Gaston Rd

Katy, TX 77494


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    This looks like an amazing place. There’s something for everyone. Too bad I live in New Orleans ?

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